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About Kristina's Kitchen

I always seem to find that in the kitchen there is great creativity and freedom of expression that await awakening through the medium of food. Finally (deep sigh of relief), I can say that I've found my niche in baking and decorating desserts. More importantly, I've found a joy in confectionary learning that I hope will last my entire life.

The other treasures of my life are my hubby, my son, my pup, and the hope I've found in Jesus. Around these I've centered my little world.

My hope is that whoever orders from my in-home bakery will discover a taste of something that is completely delicious and satisfying with a splash of fun. I would be honored to bake and create a little something sweet for you and your loved ones, whether that be for a special occasion or on a regular basis. And you can relax in knowing that my kitchen is always and only gluten-free! Only the best is served.

I am ever so grateful for this opportunity, and I do greatly appreciate your support. Spread the word: Kristina's Kitchen is now in business!